About Us

Velvet Bricks™ is a boutique real estate based investment firm that brings unpublished and/or significantly below current market value real estate backed investment opportunities, to its discerning client base. This is both for off-plan as well as under-construction developments.

Simply put, our clients have access to pre-launch unit prices even before news of the development has been made public and known by other investors or the general public. This allows our clients to acquire units significantly below (generally 15%) the intended launch price by the Developer. At time of the launch, they can either choose to liquidate their position or hold for the medium to long term for even greater capital appreciation/rental income.

Our clients are normally well educated affluent individuals who are always looking for better yields on their investments rather than the low fixed returns offered by bonds or the unpredictability of stocks. They prefer investments in tangible securities which have a much better risk/reward ratio than either stocks or bonds. According to The Economist, the recent August 2015 Yuan devaluation debacle wiped off US$ 5 Trillion of so called wealth from global stock exchanges!!!

We do not act as investment advisors neither do we claim to have any magic formula for instant wealth. What we do however, is ensure that our clients have already locked in their profits when they buy these heavily discounted units because they are buying below market value. That means that even if the market price remains stagnant after the purchase, they still make money.

Our unique selling proposition is that:

  • We bring research based, below current market values, pre-launch pricing for equity seeking real estate investors almost completely eliminating any risk; and
  • There is no minimum investment threshold required to be our client (for such heavily discounted pricing, normally individual investors would have to acquire dozens of units- which is obviously not possible for most individuals).

Our service is provided to a very select number of clients who actually understand how property development cycle works and are able to execute investment decisions on short notice, as and when these opportunities are available.

What Our Clients Say

customer reviews - velvet bricks
Afshan Haris - Pakistani expat in UK

“I visited this area yesterday. To say I was impressed is an understatement. I live in Manchester and am considering buying a small place here.”

customer reviews - velvet bricks
Tanwir Ul Islam - Ex Pakistan Air force

“Seems to be a beautiful peace of architecture .I personally feel that it shall be a feast to live with style in this superb villa on its completion.It is nicely located in the lush green environment of the capital.”

customer reviews - velvet bricks
Sajjad Idris - Senior Engineer in a leading oil company in Middle Easr

“Just decided to invest in this development after doing my due diligence. I visited the site, and was thoroughly impressed with the way they are going about their business. The construction quality, material quality and transparency was to a very high standard. I spoke to the sales manager, Usman who was a perfect gentlemen and answered all my queries honestly. I am extremely excited to be part of this project and I have little doubt that it is going to provide me with a living standard that will meet my expectations.”

customer reviews - velvet bricks
Tamoor Arshad - Pakistani expat in UK

“Sunset homes is ideal and beatiful place for luxury living. I will recommend it.”