Project Development & Marketing


Real Estate Development involves an amalgamation of various processes such as market research, financial analysis,planning and land acquisition to start with. Once the land is acquired, the next phase covers architectural design, budgeting, contracting and construction. Project management and marketing activities are carried out through the life cycle of a project. Velvet Bricks has built a seasoned team of professionals that includes land planners, architects, engineers and attorneys to ensure efficient and timely development and execution of projects.


 velvetbricks development process


Investment Advisory

At Velvet Bricks, we believe that individual investors should also have the opportunity to grow their wealth and net equity by having access to investment opportunities that are normally only available to high net worth individuals or institutional investors due to their ability to execute larger transaction volumes.To this end, we focus on funding real estate backed BELOW MARKET VALUE investment opportunities that are currently available in the market and bring those opportunities to our select clients giving them access to the same opportunities available to high net worth individuals and institutional buyers.

In our experience within the Property Development circle in Pakistan pre-launch prices are shared with only a select few known to the Developers and they buy these at significant discounts to the eventual launch prices. Once the Developers remaining units are sold out at launch, these larger investors bring forth their heavily discounted units and then irrespective of the market price being high or low at the time, they generally turn very healthy profits at time of sale. From an investment perspective, the best part about investing at pre-launch stage of a project is that the investor who takes up this pre-launch stock, takes ownership of the product and any resulting capital appreciation, by only paying a down payment (generally 20%). This in turn, means significant upside to their Return on Investment (ROI).


investment advisory